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Jesus Culture – Holy

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This is an incredible song I heard at a prayer meeting recently during adoration…very chilling to just “enter into” this prayer.  I believe this comes from the International House of Prayer at Corey Asbury with Matt Gilman.  I found these chords from the youtube video posted under “Holy – Matt Gilman”.  Enjoy:

Intro: Dm Gm F Am7
Here we are, God, come before the throne of grace Dm Gm F Am7
Here we are, God, come before the mercy seat Dm Gm
I can see the lightning, I can feel the thunder F Am7
I can hear the voices proceeding from Your throne Dm Gm F Am7
Twenty-four elders bowing low, casting down their crowns of gold Dm Gm F Am7
And four living creatures crying out, day and night, night and day

Choruses: Dm Gm
Only one word comes to mind F Am7
Theres only one word to describe

Dm Gm F Am7
Holy, holy, Lord God Almighty

Dm Gm
There is no one like You
F Am7
You are holy, holy

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3 Responses to “Jesus Culture – Holy”
  1. tlelyo says:

    Below is a comment by Nick Alexander, Catholic musician and comedian and blogger submitted via e-mail:

    Even though I have a wordpress account, I was unable to leave a comment on your site. I was hoping you would address the matter below, considering that I believe most Catholic worship leaders may be unaware of a problematic term in today’s contemporary worship milieu.

    I was wondering if you have ever heard of the controversy behind “holy holy” songs, (as opposed to “holy holy holy” songs).

    The former is used in a lot of current worship songs, including the one you just recommended, (as is the latter).

    But the former term is not Biblical. And there’s a reason for it.

    If you dig into the Hebrew way of saying things, to repeat something three times has a perfection, a permanence around it (like “most”). “Holy Holy Holy” = “As Holy as the term ‘holy’ can be.”

    Whereas when one repeats an adjective twice, it is simply saying something akin to “very.” “Holy Holy” means “very holy.”

    “Very Holy” does not mean “Fully, Completely Holy.” It is the lesser of the two.

    Folks have responded to me that we are not speaking in Hebraic terms, but in English. But “Holy Holy” and “Holy Holy Holy” is not proper English grammar. It is a reverting to Hebraic grammatical forms, based on how Scripture and the Liturgy choose to communicate it.

    It is because of this that I have a problem with such songs–this, “God of Wonders”, “Revelation Song (1st verse)”, “Be Unto Your Name”, “It Is You”, and the wrongly-titled “Agnus Dei”. Sadly, even Jim Cowan has co-opted the term on a couple of his own songs, including “For the Lord Is Holy”, and a few of his Mass parts.

    That said, if the “Holy” song from Jesus Culture can be sung with minor adjustments, I will consider adding it to my repertoire.


  2. tlelyo says:

    I thought Nick’s comment was very well put, and to be honest, exactly what this blog is about! It’s important for us as Catholic music ministers, to not only find and use the “newest” songs, but also to really prayerfully consider what they are saying and the language they are using.

    I asked Nick if his suggestion then was to get rid of all songs that only use 2 “holy’s”. His response:
    Please understand the spirit in which I write this. If I advocated discarding every single worship song from my repertoire that employs the “holy holy” term, then I would be a very big hypocrite. I share this concern because I love these songs, and I don’t want to overshadow the heart-based worship with the problematic lyrics that my head gets into. I need to resolve these somehow.

    If I have a solution, well, it depends on the song, the venue, and whether I am playing a worship song as a solo (like during a healing ministry time or Eucharistic adoration) or for the congregation to join in. I am very cognizant of copyright printing permissions/laws (esp since I have written parody songs), and am aware that there are some ways to handle this without breaking copyright law. Let’s just say that creative harmonization from multiple vocalists can help in this regard, without any change to the written text.

    As I mentioned, this is a great topic that needs to be addressed by us musicians. Ultimately: is God “very holy” or “most holy”? Does it matter? are there certain context where “very holy” is “enough”? I think we can all agree that God deserves the best we can give him, however when it comes to writing and singing worship songs, how will this effect our song or lyric “pool”? Thoughts?

  3. Ryan Baptista says:

    A great topic? This “controversy” just seems like needless nitpicking to me… Are we really going to try to say that how holy we view God as is determined by how many times we sing “holy” in a song? We’re expressing the infinite holiness of God whether we sing “holy” once, twice, or eight times in a row. Splicing hairs about Hebrew numeric symbolism is a waste of time, if you ask me.

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